Beautiful and Durable Black Slate Tiles

Love the elegant appearance of black slate? Want to introduce it to your home this winter?

There’s something irresistable about this material that’s made it endlessly popular with interior designers over the years.

Brazilistone has specialised in Brazilian slate and stone products for over a decade. Our collections include floor and wall tiles which are ideal for all sorts of interior design projects.

Why choose our slate tiles for your home or business?

Since it’s a highly hard-wearing material, slate is perfect for busy family homes, and it only gets better with age. Easy to clean and naturally waterproof, slate tiles are particularly popular for modern spa bathrooms. However, they provide a beautiful foundation for any type of room.

To make installing them easier, all our wall and floor tiles are calibrated and machined on one side, with precision cut edges to ensure they are consistent and have an even thickness.

Our black slate floor tiles are ideal for creating that classic and contemporary look. The shade is a colour that complements all other colours and can really make those brighter ones ‘pop’.

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