Brazilian Slate Slabs At Competitive Prices

Brazil is a fascinating country which is home to over 208 million people. The world’s fifth-largest country by area, Brazil borders every South American country except Chile and Ecuador.

This country has an abundance of natural beauty and materials which are exported all over the world, including the increasingly popular Brazilian slate. Renowned for its beauty and durability, like all types of slate it’s a popular building material all over the world.

Strong, beautiful and easy to maintain, Brazilian slate is ideal for decorating your home or garden, whether it’s used for flooring, paving or wall cladding.  It comes in various colours and since every slab is different, it will bring a unique look to your home.

Brazilistone has been providing this type of natural stone to UK customers for over a decade.

We’re passionate about Brazilian slate and can help you make the most of this stunning material, whether you’re looking to introduce it to your garden, kitchen, bathroom or living room.

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