Highly Attractive Slate Flagstones

Searching for beautiful flag stones to create a stunning patio this summer?

Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful pathway or patio, our Brazilian slate flagstones complement all kinds of spaces.

Because of its low rate of water absorption, this type of stone is ideal outdoor projects because of its resistance to frost damage. These qualities are why it’s so often used for roofing: because of its durability and weather-proof properties.

Slate has always been one of the most widespread types of natural stone. Although it’s prized for its contemporary appearance, it has in fact been used by builders for centuries. Some of the best slate comes from Brazil and tends to be more affordable than slate from other countries.  

With a smooth riven surface, Brazilian slate is a highly beautiful variable of this type of natural stone. It’s regularly used for flagstones for outdoor projects, bringing a traditional and contemporary look to your patio.

Our flagstones are just one of the many Brazilian slate products you can choose from on our website. Located in Oxfordshire, our products are shipped safely to customers all over the UK. Why not discover more about our slag flagstones today?