Stylish Brazilian Slate Slabs To Enhance Your Property

Want to bring the beauty of natural stone into your home in 2020?

Brazilistone specialises in the most beautiful slate tiles and slabs. Our classy Brazilian slate products are ideal for a wide range of projects, with, as our name suggests, all our slate coming straight from quarries in Brazil.

One of the most popular building materials in the world, slate is both highly attractive and extremely tough. It is always popular with interior designers and is forever on-trend.

It is also fireproof and environmentally friendly along with one of the most long-lasting of materials, which is why it’s so often used for roofing. Slate has been used for centuries thanks to its durability and strong aesthetic appeal.

January is an excellent time to have new tiles fitted outside and give your garden a brand-new look.

Whether you’re looking to install slate indoors or outdoors, Brazilistone can help you find the best products for your project. We are a family-run business and have worked in the industry for over a decade. Our aim is always to provide great quality products at affordable prices

Our Brazilian slate tiles and slabs come in a variety of sizes and have precision-cut edges to ensure they are consistent and of an even thickness.