Why Choose a Brazilian Slate Hearth?

Are you having a new stove installed at your property this winter? Do you still need to order stone for your hearth?

The hearth is one of the most important parts of constructing a fireplace and you want to make the right choice of material.

Both slate and granite are popular materials for surrounding a stove, so why choose our Brazilian slate?

Like granite, slate is highly resistant to heat and isn’t affected by glowing embers or flying ash. It is also strong and durable along with attractive. A Brazilian slate hearth is virtually stain-proof and once installed should retain its appearance for decades.

Our Brazilian slate hearths will also require little maintenance although you should make sure there are no particles that could scratch the surface. With its riven surface, Brazilian slate is not only attractive for hearths but all kinds of purposes, from outdoor paving to kitchen and bathroom flooring. Our slate slabs are also the ideal choice for kitchen worktops.

All slabs are calibrated to ensure that they are of uniform thickness and provide an excellent focal point in a room.

Discover more about our Brazilian slate hearths and flagstones today. Or simply get in touch with our team for more information.

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