Season Greetings

Christmas is fast approaching and whereas we have had a brilliant year and saw our products going to an ever increasing number of household and commercial projects. Here at Brazilistone, we would like to draw our attention to an aspect of Christmas that more often than not, we forget about.
This is the season for reflection and a season to think how we can better ourselves and help people who are less fortunate than us. It is a season that evokes deeper thoughts and as a consequence stronger emotions when we welcome into the world additions to our families and remember the loved ones who already departed. This is a season to re-evaluate our direction in life and check that we continue to strive in improving in all areas. Be it in our professional or private lives, be it bettering our work relations or bridging severed relations.
In times that the world seem to be getting increasingly materialistic, lets cast our eyes to areas of our planet where people do not have food or water, lets pray that the New Year bring food and resources to these regions and above all hope to the people of these lands.
In the West we are blessed with all the comforts that modern life can bring us and tend to turn a blind eye to other people’s problems.

So, in the true spirit of the season, we invite all customers, associates and friends to join us on a pray wishing that 2015 bring hope and happiness to all of us, regardless of our race, creed or colour.
May God bless us all and the New year be a healthy one.

Best wishes

December 2014

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