To Seal or not to seal…

If that had been the question there would have been much less agony and tragedy for the young Hamlet, because here at Brazilistone we have the answer. A definite and resounding yes! And here is why; sealing is fast, simple, easy and effective. Slate is a natural stone product and although this means it has nature’s natural beauty it also means it has natural characteristics that you do not need or want in a home. One of these characteristics is absorption. To protect your beautiful slate floor and countertops from spillages is very easy. Another characteristic is the dustiness of the untreated stone. Sealing just once takes away this dusty look and protects the vivid natural colour of our Brazilian slate. We encourage sealing, even if it just once in a lifetime event, it is that effective. It is also extremely simple to do, in fact it is as simple as mopping. If you know how to mop you know how to seal. Once you have sealed you can rest assured that you have a great looking stone which is easy to clean and maintain. Any spillages can be resolved by simply wiping with a wet cloth and the slate’s natural beauty is protected and enhanced. And don’t forget you can always seal with colour enhancing sealant for a deeper hue or colour, to really bring out the shiny depth that slate lovers love!

We encourage sealing your slate both outdoors and indoors. It is so easy, so simple and uncomplicated that there really is no reason not to seal! If only Hamlet had pursued his interior design ambitions his decisions would have been much easier.

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