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Here at Brazilistone we feel the cold just as much as everyone else! Although we have been lucky this year in regards to weather (although perhaps not as lucky as some Brazilians) nonetheless winter is fast approaching and with it the coldness. It is during this time that many people will begin to think about ways of heating the house and saving money on that heating. It is commonly known that slate is wonderful in the summer time as the natural coolness of stone in general helps keep room feeling fresh and saves them from stuffiness, however it is less commonly known that slate is in fact a naturally warm stone. This means that not only is it naturally warmer than other stones but also that it readily retains heat. If you are thinking about ways of conserving energy this year whilst keeping your family nice and warm installing underfloor heating with your beautiful slate floor is a sure fire way to do so! Underfloor heating is fairly straight forward  to install. It is also very economical and extremely cost effective to use all around the house. This is especially the case when using our Brazilian slate flooring. Your beautiful slate floor will heat up very quickly and stay warm for hours. There is no better feeling than walking barefoot into a heated bathroom on a cold winter’s day and feeling nice and toasty! Also – if this weren’t enough – you can also use our Brazilian multicoloured slate to add warm rustic colours! You’ll feel toasty warm from the heated slate and cosy and comfortable from the rustic look of your slate. So what are you waiting for?!

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