Stunning Slate Floor Tiles For Your Home

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom, our slate floor tiles could be the perfect choice. Perfect for making an impact in any property, this type of flooring has never been more sought-after.

Considered one of the most beautiful types of natural stone, slate is also one of the most practical types of flooring. It combines the durability of hard tiling with the beauty of the outside world and is more popular than ever with interior designers.

Considering to be a relatively upscale material, slate floor tiles could be a long-term investment for your home. Slate flooring tiles are also ideal for underfloor heating, as they are excellent at transmitting heat.

They’re particularly popular for high traffic areas, like kitchens, where daily life takes place every day. With their striking finish, you can create an interior that is the epitome of sophistication. It is available in many different colours and is naturally extremely hard-wearing.

Brazilistone specialise in Brazilian slate tiles which come in a variety of stunning colours, including our multi-coloured tiles, which are extremely popular. These tiles have a wealth of colour variation that encompass rusty reds, golds, blues, yellows and browns.

Based in Oxfordshire, Brazilistone supply slate tiling to a wide range of clients in the UK. Discover more about our slate floor tiles today.