Flagstone And Hearth Sealing

These days we sell a lot of Brazilian slate slabs which are destined to be used as hearths and as our slabs for this purpose are either 25mm or 40mm thick, inevitably there is always an edge that will show.
People often ask – What do I do to get the edges looking the same colour as the face of the stone? Obviously the edge being the cut surface, it is always lighter in colour, but we have the right solution to achieve just that.
For every Brazilian Slate slab we sell to be used as hearth or a base for a wood burner, we always supply – free of charge – a little bottle of LTP Stone oil and LTP Mattstone. These are both sealers. The stone oil will darken the slate to the point of making the edges exactly the same colour as the face of the slab and the LTP Mattstone will seal it in. Effectively they work together as a base sealer and a top sealer, finishing the job beautifully.
So if you are planning to install one of our Brazilian slate hearths and is a little worried about how to finish the project with a nice touch – look no further. Give us a call and apart from receiving the sealer (base and top) free of charge, you will also receive the full instructions on how to achieve this perfect look!

And just in case you are wondering what we are on about, here is a picture of a slab that we use as a table top in our office and we finished just as described above.

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